☆Abilities allow you to add extra stats onto equipment. They come from Boss Drop or Login Bonus. An Item has an ☆Ability if you see the "☆" Ability Symbol in the item description. They can be transferred to other equipments or leveled up by combining them.

☆Abilities can be leveled up by combining with a second equip of same type and level.

  • On success, the second equip disappears.
  • On fail, the Ability, ATK or DEF can degrade.
  • Equip Quality affects success rate.
  • Ores can increase success rate.

When upgrading the ability, transfer it to something cheap because it will get destroyed.

☆Ability - Upgrading
Level 1 + Level 1 = Level 2
Level 2 + Level 2 = Level 3
Level 3 + Level 3 = Level 4
Level 4 + Level 4 = Level 5
Hematite+10% Success+10% Success
Damascus Steel+20% Success+20% Success
Mithril+30% Success+40% Success
Orichalcum+40% Success+60% Success
High Mithril
HihirrokanePrevents Ability DegradePrevents Ability Degrade


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