Apostolia allows you to increase your stats over the 256 limit and allows you to equip up to 5 AL Crystas. You can unlock Apostolia after beating Episode 2 and after completing a few Main Quest in Episode 3.

AL Crysta

Bosses in Episode 3 and onwards drop a new type of crystal called Artificial Light Crysta. These AL Crystas come in three colors (Red, Blue, and Green). AL Crystas have stats like regular Crystas, and they also give additional effect when you combine different colors. When you add them to your Apostolia, you create lines made from the three types of colors.

RedConnects two Red AL Crystas
GreenConnects two Green AL Crystas
BlueConnects two Blue AL Crystas
AquaConnects a Blue and a Green AL Crysta
YellowConnects a Green and a Red AL Crysta
PurpleConnects a Red and a Blue AL Crysta

Each line enhances your stats and attributes. The more lines, the stronger the effect.

RedAuto HP recovery / HP / DEF
GreenAbsolute, Melee and Magic evasion
BlueAuto MP recovery / MP / MDEF
AquaMATK / Magic pierce / Magic
YellowATK / Melee / Melee Pierce
PurpleAutoskill / ASPD / Critical rate

Stat Release

Stat Release allows you to increase your stats over the 256 limit. Go to Menu/Character/Stats, then click on Apostolia. Click on the right arrow and select a stat (STR, VIT, INT, DEX, AGI, CRT) then click Raise. When you do this, your stats level will be displayed on the top left corner instead of your level. Your experience bar will also turn green.

You can level each stat to a maximum value of your current Level divided by 2. Further more, you will receive 1 stat point for every 3 stats you level up. You can use these stat points to raise your stats. The new limit for each stat is 256 + your stat level.

Special Stats

Special stats allow you to increase your Experience Rate, Ignition Recovery Speed, Ignition Duration, and increase the effectiveness of your Apostolia Lines.

Special StatsDescription
EXPIncreases EXP gain.
IgRIncreases the duration recovery speed of Ignition.
IgTIncreases the duration of Ignition.
RDBoosts the effects of Red, Yellow and Purple lines between Al Crystas.
GRBoosts the effects of Green, Aqua and Yellow lines between Al Crystas.
BLBoosts the effects of Blue, Purple and Aqua lines between Al Crystas.


Using Ignition increases your stats for a few seconds. The more you use ignition, the longer the maximum duration for ignition. If you use Ignition over a certain amount, you can unlock new Pages for your AL Crystas.

It is very useful to have several pages for AL Crystas. You can dedicate each page to increase your ATK, MATK, DEF, or Evasion. Or you can dedicate each page to increase your Elemental Attack or Magic. You just need to collect the appropriate AL Crystas.

Ignition CountDescription
500Unlocks 2nd AL Crysta Page
1000Unlocks 3rd AL Crysta Page
2000Unlocks 4th Al Crysta Page and increases Ignition Max Value to 600 sec